02 February 2014

New Year, New Blog

I have been VERY BUSY,
and the time has come to SAY GOOD-BYE
to this blog and start a new one with my sister DIXIE...

You can visit here to see our
GOING FOR A RIDE adventures...!

Thank you!!

26 June 2013

Here, There and Everywhere

Where are we going today..?

We have been doing a LOT of traveling...

Guess where we are...?
A NO fun BEACH where dogs aren't allowed...
But, it was still beautiful.

Then, we got to go to a FUN BEACH..!

DIXIE and I played and played and played,
and we got to MEET lots of OTHER DOGS...!

We LIKE places that WELCOME DOGS!

08 May 2013

Jet Setters...

We have not been writing because we have been

The BRT got packed...

Hey, that's OUR BAG...!


Where are we GOING for a RIDE...?

We stopped at GRAMMA's...!

SW, TC and Gramma went to the GRAND CANYON,
We STAYED here...
It's a KENNEL...

DIXIE and I got to stay together
and PLAYED and RAN and...
well, we PLAYED too hard with the BEDDING...

But, we were HAPPY when SW and TC came and 
we left for ANOTHER RIDE.

Where are we going today...?

Sedona, Arizona

We LIKE places that let us STAY with TC and SW...!

Yep, this is our room...!
We will be comfy here...!

AND, it's near a RIVER...!


We just got back and then went
FOR A RIDE, again..!

Calistoga, again...

Then back HOME..!

I'm DREAMING about where we'll
GO FOR A RIDE next...?

24 March 2013


Nine months' old... aren't I handsome..?

A LOT has happened, and I haven't been able to WRITE...

First, one day TC took me to the VET...
I took a LONG NAP, and when I woke up my BOTTOM hurt.
I couldn't get near it because I had this strange COLLAR on...
I was NOT HAPPY...

But eventually I got BETTER...

Then we went FOR A RIDE to a new FARM in CALISTOGA..!
There we had a SPECIAL PLACE just for DIXIE and ME,

WE got to SLEEP on the BED which we NEVER get to do on the FARM!
It was a SPECIAL trip!

Then SW and TC LEFT on a LONG TRIP, and
we had to stay with A-LEASH-A,
but she took good CARE of us.

We were SO HAPPY to have TC and SW back!

Now we can all GO FOR A RIDE together again!

20 January 2013

It's A New Year...!

I have been so busy and haven't had time to write.
SW, TC and Dixie and I all went for 
another LONG RIDE in the BRT (big red truck).

We went to take home GRAMMA and PEPPY
who had been VISITING.

Dixie and I got to ride in the BACK SEAT...
Then we would get out and explore...
SW took LOTS of pictures.

And, everywhere we went there was WATER...!

I love to PLAY in WATER...!

Dixie and I are TRAVELING DOGS!

25 December 2012

Six Months... Done...!

Today I turned SIX MONTHS' OLD!
Quite a difference from this.

To this...

To this....

To this...

I think I am turning into quite

At least that's what EVERYBODY says...

29 November 2012

Dixie, Dixie, Dixie...

So, it's Dixie's birthday....

 Well, I guess she isn't THAT bad a big sister...